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Looking Back

I have officially arrived in the US and now would like to just provide few photos that I believe best capture the essence of Jordan and Israel/Palestine:

This is a photo of the ancient Roman ruins of Jerash.  Jordan has some of the most well preserved Roman ruins outside of Italy.  I like this photo because you can see the ancient history of what is now Jordan contrasted with the modern city of Jerash.  

This is a local family in a Jordanian village that invited us to their home for a nice, home-cooked feast.  Hospitality is something that I realized is valued very heavily in this part of the world.  

This is a beautiful view of Amman.  The flag is a symbol of national identity, something that is not yet as strong as the Jordanian government would like since it is such a relatively young country.

An image from the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem.

Inside the elementary school of an Israeli settlement in the West Bank.


A view of Israel from the Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem.

Of couse: Petra.  They say that any trip to Jordan is incomplete without visiting the World Wonder of Petra.  (As seen in Indiana Jones)


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For those who may only know of Kenny G. for his on-air antics, he is an esteemed writer and artist, and also teaches at the University of Pennsylvania.

What a wonderful opportunity to be there! I love the historical pictures you have here. Reminds me how diverse and complex the world is.In spite of the modernized architectural noways, it is always good to see some simple yet elegant architectural art of the past such as you have posted.No wonder about the hospitality culture they have; it has been there ingrained in every fiber of their being for centuries!

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